Blogging has become my favorite form of procrastination. You would think it would be something a little more mindless (which my other favorite form of procrastination is watching clips of Jimmy Fallon on Hulu, so that's pretty mindless) but anyway...sometimes I just have random thoughts tumbling around in my head so I've taken to writing them here instead of the notes section on my phone (except there's still probably 100+ random thoughts there too).

Today I was reminded in a couple different ways that there are still good people in the world. I wouldn't say I've become cynical or even have the opinion that no one goes above and beyond for anyone anymore, but reminders of people's goodness are refreshing. For example...

I didn't have enough cash to pay for my stamps at the post office and I didn't want to put that little amount on a credit card. The post office worker told me not to worry about it and he would cover it for me.

I asked a classmate for help on creating something for a group project (he's in the other group) and not only did he say he would help...he gave step by step instructions and offered to video chat to explain it more in depth if I couldn't figure it out. He had no reason to answer my email or help me out, but he did. It might be bad that sometimes I'm shocked at how nice the people I've met in my program through Eastern are, but I've just been so impressed and blessed by the authenticity of my classmates and how genuine they all are.

At the bank, the teller greeted me by name and asked how I was doing and made sure I got a dum-dum, because she knows I love them. (some of you more cynical folk may say she was just doing her job and it's good for business...but I choose to believe her because of the joy and sincerity she expresses)

It makes me look at myself and ask if I've surprised anyone lately by the goodness and kindness I've shown them? Honestly, probably not. These days I think I can get so caught up in what I have to get done and the busyness of life, I rush past those around me. I'm so sorry for that. That's not who I am nor who I want to be.

Every day I want to do something that can restore someone's faith in the goodness of people, every day I want to  go out of my way to do something I really "don't" have to do but do it because it's right and kind, every day I want to choose to not let the world rush by or go through the day without stopping to take notice of the people around me. Every day I want to end the day knowing I lived that day well.