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Interested in your organization understanding how to cultivate a healthier work culture or how to encourage your employees personal growth?

I provide many workshops to help businesses, churches, and non-profit organizations better create a more holistic workplace. Retention rates increase and burn out rates decrease and employees do their best work when they feel cared for and supported in an workplace environment that has a healthy culture. 

I conduct the following workshops:

  • The Enneagram in the Workplace: Increasing Awareness towards Ourselves and Others

The Enneagram is a personality typing system that shows what motivates us, why we behave the way we behave, how we make decisions and how we react in times of stress and growth. Using the idea that there are 9 types of personalities and everyone fits into one - I break down the Enneagram and help individuals identify their type so that they can better understand themselves. Understanding your Enneagram type leads to not only personal growth, but also increased compassion and understanding for those you work with. Within a workplace setting this training promotes personal growth, self-discovery, and can improve team dynamics. 

  • How to Create a Culture of Self-Care at Your Organization

Too often our organizations are characterized by burn-out and turnover. Our employees are stressed and surviving rather than thriving. There is a better way! Based on the research I've done with successful organizations, this workshops spells out what it looks like to be an organization that prioritizes the health and well-being of their staff. It gives a practical framework emphasizing the individual responsibility employees have and the responsibility of the organization. This workshop promotes employee health and well-being, personal and organizational growth and can improve organizational culture.

  • Other workshop subjects include:
    • Work Out of the Overflow - Why Healthy Organizational Culture Matters
    • Identify Your Shape: How to Prioritize Your Self-Care
    • How the Enneagram Informs Self-Care

I am also available to customize a workshop just for your business or organization! We can have a consultation for the area of growth you're hoping your staff and/or organization will experience and I can create a custom workshop just for you. I look forward to hearing from  you! 

Your session was worth the flight...thanks for inspiring and encouraging me to be a better culture builder!
— Jeff
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