I don't know why the word choice has been on my mind lately, but it has. I guess I've just been reminded lately how our day is made up of choices.

- Do I wear a jacket or is it warm enough to go without?
- Do I stay up late to do homework or get up early?
- Do I watch another episode on Netflix or go to bed?
- Do I make plans to meet someone for coffee this week or use that morning to do homework?
- Do I make dinner or go out to eat?
- Do I get up to go work out or keep sleeping? get the point and in case you wondered the type of choices that go through my head on a daily basis. Anyway...I've realized we have the power to choose so many things that we may not realize each day.

- Do I choose peace or worry?
- Do I choose cheerfulness or to be gloomy?
- Do I choose to treat each person I meet with kindness and affirmation or with indifference?
- Do I choose to put forth 100% effort into all I do or just half-ass my life?
- Do I choose to love each person that's in front of me or do I choose to look through them?
- Do I choose a positive outlook or a negative one?
- Do I choose joy each day?

I've forgotten how I can make these choices each day. Too many days I just blame on "being in a bad mood" or "I can't help but worry," but I can. Every day I probably don't make the best choice, but it's an intentional attitude that I'm trying to adopt.

Love is a choice, to be joyful is a choice, to have peace is a choice, to be intentional in your relationships with people is a choice.

We are responsible for our choices. I try to live each day being intentional about these choices. It's not always the easiest, but it's always worth it. What about you?