I love the four seasons. I love looking forward to the seasons changing and knowing that even though I'm dying of heat in August that relief will be coming. It's something to count on. Even though the weather can be screwy, you know the seasons will change at some point. Fall.




I'm coming to realize that in life we have seasons too. This may seem like to some of you an, of course, moment, but to me, someone who leans towards the comfortable and consistent, I've spent a lot of time resisting the change. I've spent a lot of time over thinking (because I over think everything) why things have to change and wishing they were the way they were before, but I've come to realize....that's just now how life works.

Life changes. People change. Situations change. Some things are in your control, some things are not. My perspective is changing from not understanding this ebb and flow, to a perspective of looking forward to it.

For example, I hate summer. Seriously, just thinking about it makes me sweat and get angry. I hate being hot and in gets hot and humid. It's not even enjoyable to be outside. It's awful. Anyway...I'm trying to appreciate summer though because I think without summer I wouldn't appreciate fall as much and I love fall. The cooler nights, the pumpkin scents and flavors, homemade applesauce, bonfires, scarves and boots, football, hot cider...oh the list goes on!

I think we go through seasons of life that we hate, that when we're going through them we don't understand why, that when it's happening all we can think of is when will this be over? I think we go through seasons of life that are easy and everything seems to be working out great. I think we go through seasons where change happens and it's hard and sometimes unwelcome and even when it's welcome, it can be hard.

But I also think that's how life works. Life is made up of seasons. Life is an ebb and flow and it changes. Embracing all these seasons of life has allowed me to fully live.