Friends part 2

Confession: I get a little weirded out when I read other blogs or open the daily reading I do and it's exactly what I've been thinking about, blogging about or having conversations with people about. So all that to say, I have been thinking a lot about friends these days. Every day (okay...almost every day) I read Henri Nouwen's Bread for the Journey which just have daily thoughts. The last few days have been blowin' my mind with how relevant they've been to what's going on in my head, but I wanted to share yesterday's.

"We need friends. Friends guide us, care for us, confront us in love, console us in times of pain. Although we speak of "making friends," friends cannot be made. Friends are free gifts from God. But God gives us the friends we need when we need them if we fully trust in Gods love. Friends cannot replace God. They have limitations and weaknesses like we have. Their love is never faultless, never complete. But in their limitations they can be signposts on our journey toward the unlimited and unconditional love of God. Let's enjoy the friends God has sent on our way."

Thankful for friendship and the fact that my friends are signposts on my journey toward the unlimited and unconditional love of God.