I seriously have the greatest friends.

Today Whitney led devotion for staff meeting and talked about how we have experienced Christ's love in our lives. I said I am always reminded of Christ's love for me when I think of my friendships and how it always seems that God brings the perfect friends into my life right when I need them.

Looking back and presently God has brought friends into my life right when I needed them. Some friendships lasted only a season, other friends were people I never thought I would be friends with, and others are forever friends.

I just love friendship. It is a gift and not something I take for granted. Some days though remind me just how important friends are and how much I need them.

Today was not a good day. I woke up anxious and started the day right away trying not to fall back into a habit of anxiety attacks. Today is a day I could not have completed well alone.

My friends shine on days like today and I am reminded that I am blessed.

Friendship today looked like a text saying I'm proud of you. Friendship today looked like wine, gummy bears, chocolate kisses and a note showing up on my doorstep. Friendship today looked like a funny email sent to cheer me up. Friendship today looked like a "how's the project going" message. Friendship today looked like an errand being run for me to make my life easier.

I hope and pray that I am half as good of a friend as my friends are to me.