Time is a funny thing. Sometimes we waste it, sometimes we enjoy it, sometimes we wish there was more of it and sometimes we wish it would stand still. I can't even count the times I thought to myself if only there were 27 hours in a day or I wish I could fast forward to ... (fill in the blank).

I've come to realize time is a gift. Each moment I'm alive is a gift and I have the choice on how to spend this time each day. Will I wish it away? Will I worry? Will I be joyful? Do I spend it by myself or do I call up a friend and spend it with them? Do I sleep? Do I go work out? What's the balance between having time to yourself, others, work, friends, church, etc.

I don't know why it's become such a heavy subject on my mind lately. Maybe because I have had more thoughts lately of wishing there was more time in the day and realizing when I do have time away from things I don't have to be doing (which doesn't happen a whole lot), I'm not sure how to spend it.

How can we be good stewards of our time? What does it look like to be a good steward of time? I truly believe that how we spend our time shows what's important to us. I've felt so exhausted lately that I don't feel like I've been a good steward of the extra time in my day. There's always something at the end of the day I could have done instead...why didn't I call to catch up with that person? why didn't I work harder on that project for work? why didn't I wake up to work out? It goes on and on...

I want my life to reflect the fact that I cherish time as a gift and that I am a good steward of the time that I have.  I want to be intentional with how I live and how I spend my time...

This is filled with a lot of questions and uncertainty because really...I'm just not sure.