Think about it.

I was looking at my facebook profile today randomly and I found this quote in my quote section and forgot how much I love it, but how challenging it is.

"The only thing harder than hatred is love. The only thing harder than war is peace. The only thing that takes more work, tears, and sweat than division is reconciliation. But what more beautiful things could we devote our lives to?"
Really think about that. What would our world be like if we chose love instead of hate. Peace instead of war. Reconciliation instead of division. Forgiveness instead of bitterness. Acceptance instead of judgment. These are all things we've been called to devote our lives to. Jesus did so as a follower of him I am called to do the same.
Also, just got back from vacation in Seattle/Tacoma/Oregon. It was so great! So fun to hang out with my siblings and see Bob and Court and Katie! It was much needed time away and I'm so thankful for it. And I got to visit Oregon and cross a state I haven't been to off my list! Here are some pics:
At Bridal Veil Falls in Oregon. Leah and I took a hike back to them and I climbed down and then up that rock for a closer view while Leah took the picture from above! 

 Friends living in three different states reunited in one!