For the last six months a common question I've asked myself is this:

What lies need to be uprooted today?

I'm realizing the more work I do to work towards wholeness the more I have to come face to face with my own unhealthiness, with the lies I've always believed and the parts of me I would rather not focus on. It's not always enough to just acknowledge these've gotta roll up your sleeves, grab a shovel and do the work to uproot them.

Author Sarah Bessey tells a story about how her family moved to a new house and they kept noticing patches of grass dying and mold growing. They would dig that part up and plant more, but it would just happen again. Come to find out from an old neighbor, a tree used to grow in the yard and after it was cut down the stump was left underground. It was killing the grass above. The grass couldn't grow in a healthy way until the whole tree stump was uprooted.

I think this is how lies work in our life. Even if we know they're there, they're still going to be destructive unless we do the work to uproot them.

At some point we believed that we would never be good enough so every day we seek and strive to show that we are.

At some point we believed that we weren't pretty enough so we live every day avoiding mirrors or buying the next thing that will make us look better.

At some point we believed that we always had to be strong so we live every day pushing away any weakness that comes up and putting on a happy face.

At some point we believed that one life matters more than another whether that's because of a difference in skin color, socioeconomic status, birthplace, sexuality or religion so we live every day thankful we're not like "them".

At some point we believed that there's not enough for everyone, that scarcity is the way so we live every day making sure we get what's ours.

At some point we believed that in order for me to belong someone else can't so we live every day glancing side to side, trying to stay relevant and not finish last.

At some point we believed that life is black and white and there's a set of rules to live by so we live every day in shame if we don't stay on the "right" side.

The lies could go on and on. These lies make us live in fear, they make us live in shame, they make us think we're not enough and the more time that goes on the deeper they take root.

It's not good enough to just know they're there. We have to uproot these lies that have grown deep into our souls.

My prayer every day is that God would uproot the lies that have taken root in my soul and that freedom and truth would bloom in their place. It's hard work, but it's the best work.

Uprooting these lies and replacing them with truth allows growth to happen. With the lies cleared out, the truths can be planted and actually take root.

So instead...

We believe we are enough and live every day ceasing the striving and resting in our God-breathed worth.

We believe we are beautiful and live every day in confidence that we don't have to meet any beauty standards, but we're beautiful because we are who we are.

We believe that no one can be strong all the time and live every day knowing it's okay to be weak sometimes.

We believe not one life matters more than another and live every day disarming any talk of "other" and do our part in writing a better story.

We believe that there could be enough for everyone and live every day looking for abundance and how to live with open hands.

We believe that we all belong, we belong to each other and live every day connecting instead of comparing and realizing where I am is not where you are and that's okay.

We believe that in life there are a whole lot of shades of grey and live every day ripping up our checklist, saying goodbye to shame and living into freedom.

Can you see the new, fresh sprout growing? Can you see the new life that comes when we uproot the lies that poison our souls?

Don't get me wrong, it is hard, hard work, but it's the most rewarding work.

It's soul work. It's "your Kingdom come your will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven work." It's wholeness work. It's worth it work.

uproot the lies that have taken root in my soul and that freedom and truth would bloom in their place

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One Word for 2016

It’s one of my favorite times of year…time to declare one word for my year ahead. This will be the fourth year that I’ve done this and it’s a practice that works really well for me. I usually start thinking about my word in December, a few usually come to mind and I let them rattle around in my heart and mind for a few weeks.

I've loved that over the last couple weeks people have asked me what my word will be for the year. It’s good for me to share it because when I speak it out there, there’s no taking it back.

This year's word makes me a little nervous, but I've been praying it over my year and it's a word that I have felt come across my spirit too many times to ignore. I have done this long enough to know that there is power in declaring a word for your year. It might sound crazy, but I know I need to be ready for what lies ahead if I truly want my year to be about this.

My word for 2016 is GROW.

Sequence of a plant growing in dirt, profiled against a white background.

A lot happened in 2015 that I wasn't expecting and looking to 2016, I have no idea what it will hold. I don't know what will happen, but I do know regardless of where I go or what I do, I want to grow. I can't grow deep roots if I'm moving around and always looking to what's next. I can't grow if I'm always trying to be comfortable and play it safe.

I know that to grow means to change and that change isn't always easy for me (or ever easy for me really). I know that with growth comes growing pains, that it doesn't happen in a vacuum and that I will be stretched and shaped...all the reasons why I get a little nervous with this word.

I know I've grown a lot every year, but this year I want to approach it with more intention and with a posture that embraces the change and the depth that can come when you make a friend of change and when you choose to really grow and evolve where you are planted.

I want to grow deeper roots and reach new heights.

I want to try new things, stretch myself and not become complacent of this is "just how things are."

I want to grow in wisdom and maturity.

I want to grow in relationships: to build deeper community, create richer opportunities for fellowship and practice hospitality.

I want to grow in my compassion and kindness.

I want to grow in my courage and in my confidence.

I want to grow in my discipline and self-control.

I want to grow in my self-love and in my understanding of extending grace and kindness to myself.

I want to pay better attention.


I want to grow in my love for others.

I want to better understand the world around me and other perspectives.

I want to get to know Jesus even better and what it really means to love God and others well.

I want to continue to grow into who I am meant to be.

I want to grow in healthiness and towards wholeness.

So here's to 2016 and to growth! I would love for you to join me on my journey and to hear how you're growing. If you have a word of the year, please leave a comment and let me know! I would love to hear it and to pray it over you and your year.

Sidenote: One of my goals for this year is to really work on my blog and write more consistently. I'm speaking this out there so I'm more likely to stick with it. :) I appreciate everyone that comes by my little corner on the internet! Thanks for reading friends!