One Word for 2017

Can you believe it's a new year already? It seriously feels like I was just writing my one word post for 2016.

It's a new year, which means a new word. This is one of my favorite traditions - picking a word for the year. A theme that will encompass 2017.

I always start thinking about my word in early December. I make a list of what I think it could be and let those words ruminate as I think back on the year prior and look to the year ahead.

I got a little anxious this year because I didn't feel like one word was really standing out. The more that people asked me about it and as I saw others talk about their word for the year the more I got anxious and nervous, what if I didn't pick the right one?

This might seem silly. It's just a word. But I've found over the last 5 years that choosing a word for the year and setting that intention for the next 365 days is powerful.

I usually know which word to pick because it's the one that scares me the most. I pick the one that I ignore at first because it's too scary, but it's always been the right choice.

This year was different.

I randomly added this word to the list because it has to do with something I'm working on. But the more I thought about what's to come and looked to the year ahead it slowly crept back into my mind. Where as years past the word I would choose seemed to pop right out and dance in front of me like, I know I freak you out, but you're gonna pick me. This year it slowly rose to the surface and just gave some gentle nudges that it was the right choice.

I guess sometimes we need things to pop out and dance in front of us and other times we need slow, steady and gentle nudges. This one definitely came slow and steady and I'm still feeling it settle in.

My word for 2017 is Shape.

I love that Shape is both a noun and a verb. Because my hope for 2017 is that I would continue to grow into my true, authentic self and maintain the shape of who God created me to be. But I also hope to shape new parts of my life too.

Last year I grew deeper roots and now as I continue to experience growth, I also want to be shaped into who I am meant to be. I think this will be a year for refining and chipping away at what gets in the way of me being my truest self.

I am who I shape is my shape, I too easily let the shoulds of life or other's opinions or the world's lies cover up who I am and hinder my ability to fully live and thrive. I want to better understand myself this year so that I can live my most authentic life.

Shape makes me think of a pottery wheel. I've never worked on one, but I've watched others. In order to mold the clay into the right shape, it takes skill, attention, care, patience and gentleness. This year I want to refine my skills, pay better attention, show care to myself and others, exercise patience and presence and approach it all with a gentle spirit.

I also will be shaping a new business adventure this year. I'm so excited about this and can't believe it's happening! 2017 will be the year of Abby Buter - Personal Growth Coaching. I'll be offering individual coaching, workshops and retreats. My goal is to walk with people towards wholeness and equip them with tools so they can know themselves better. I'll help individuals know how to care for themselves well so that they live healthy, whole, authentic lives. Stay tuned for more information! (If you would like to receive updates you can subscribe to my e-letter here.)

I'm excited for the year ahead and what it will hold.

So here's to the year of Shape...

To having a willingness to be molded into who I am supposed to be.

To trusting my intuition to refine what needs to be refined and to leave alone what is good.

To seeking my true, authentic shape and who God created me to be.

To cultivating space to help others identify their shape and appreciating the privilege of walking alongside them.

To doing the work.

To embracing change and remembering it's really the only constant in life and part of its job is to spur growth.

To discerning when I need to go, hustle and push and when I need to stop, slow down and rest.

To understanding that I was uniquely created to be myself and it's a waste of time to be anyone else.

Here's to 2017...I think it's going to be a good one.

ps. I would love to know your word, theme or goal for the year! Please let me know so I can pray it over your year.

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