My Top 10 Events of Summer...

Things have been crazy this last week...came back to Nashville last Friday and have been on retreat and in meetings pretty much nonstop. I'm finally having a chance to relax and wanted to summarize my summer before it got to I decided to do it in the form of a top ten list.

10. Traveling. I basically drove from Michigan to Seattle in the span of two and half months and got to see and experience so many things along the way.

9. Weddings. I got to be in a good friend's wedding and then come to Nashville for one weekend for two weddings. It was so fun celebrating such a special day with everyone!

8. Home. As much as I loved traveling and being all over the place this summer I loved that I was able to relax at home and spend time there with family and friends. Of course home wouldn't be home without a trip to Lake Michigan and I was able to go twice.

7. The sporting events. I attended three major league baseball games and the Seattle Sounders vs. Chelsea game. I got to go to my first Tigers game!! Which was incredible and then went to a Seattle Mariners game and Colorado Rockies...out of the three only the Rockies won. :( Also...I went to the Sounders vs. Chelsea FC game which was so awesome and I'm so glad I got to go!

6. Almost encountering a gun. Leah and I had the great opportunity of running from gun shots while we were in downtown Seattle...long story short, scariest moment of my life to date.

5. Family. I think I spent more time with my family this summer than I have in awhile and it was wonderful. We had our "family reunion" with my aunts and uncles and some cousins which was great and we got spend some time out at the lake house.

4. Wyoming. After my Mom and Dad picked me up at Camp in CO we drove to WY and met Leah and Jake there to do some camping in the Grand Tetons (which are beautiful). We went on a couple really pretty hikes, survived a storm in the tent, and kayaking on a lake in the storm, and only showered every few was great.

3. Seeing old friends. I was able to see Josh and Deanna in Denver before camp and it was so good! It wasn't the longest time but we were able to catch up and I'm so thankful I was able to see them! And In Seattle I got to see Julia, who lives there now, and spend the night with her and we just picked up where we left off.

2. Seattle in general. I'm so glad I was able to spend time there with Jake, Leah and Em. I learned the bus system, experienced city life, did a 5k and had some nice relaxing downtime. I spent more time with Leah and Jake than I have in awhile and it was great.

1. Camp Timberline. Wow. I'm not gonna didn't start out quite like I expected, but it ended up being an amazing experience that I will forever be grateful for. God shaped me and revealed so much to me this summer through this experience and I won't forget it.