I was looking through some of my old stuff today and I found something that Mel Hayward wrote to all of the seniors when we graduated. At the time everything was a little crazy so I don't think I even fully read it, but I saved it anyway. When I found it today I really liked what she had to say and it is a great reminder that I should probably read and reread every day. So anyway here it is...
There is always more.
Always more of God to love, always more of yourself to lay at His feet.
Always more to learn.
Always another way to praise Him. Always deeper understanding.
My prayer for you is that you never "master" being a follower of Jesus.
May you always have a soft heart, ready to be molded by Him.
May you always have something new to surrender to His loving care.
May you find yourself knowing Jesus more every new day.
May you be amazed as you become a more clear reflection of Him daily.
May your love for the Almighty God grow with each passing moment.
May you be dissatisfied with "the way things are" and seek change.
May you always seek more of Him.
May you live in the awareness that there is more..more than we can see, more than we can know, more than we can experience this side of heaven.

That is my prayer for myself and for others. I want these things to be true in my life. It is just such a good desciption of what I want my life to be and what I need to stay focused on in my life. I want to know Jesus more every day, I want to become a more clear reflection of Him daily, I want my love for Him to grow, all of thees things are what I want. So if you can be in prayer with me in this I would appreciate it! :)