Life's just a journey

Today was a great day. I've been struggling lately with just wanting to not be here and thinking God must have something more in store for me, however, my mind set has changed these last few days or so. I want to start living today and not wondering what might happen later. This is where God has me right now and this is where I need to be making the most of every opportunity I have. I hate that I lose sight of that and lose sight of the fact that God knows the plans for my life and I really need to stop worrying about them. So I know that I won't ever stop missing home and I won't ever stop wishing that all of us from high school could be together again. This is a new part of this journey called life and I need to make the most of it. I'm so thankful I have an amazing place to call home and incredible friends from high school that no matter how many miles or years go by we'll still be close. This is a new chapter in life and I want to embrace that for all it's worth and I don't know if I've been doing that. So I want to go into every day making the most of it and seizing each opportunity that comes my way. I want to glorify Christ in all I do and be Jesus with skin on to those around me.

Changing topics here...I'm in a book group for the book The Irresistable Revolution. It's an amazing book thus far and really changes your perspective on so many things and I think it you're heart is soft enough, it really calls you to action. So last night we were talking about how we are so annoyed and frustrated that we read about all the injustice and we don't do anything about it. We see and hear about all the homeless people and know that it's sad and we should do something but we don't. And I'm tired of driving down the road outside of our school and having my heart break over all that goes on and all the homeless people out there. I want to do something. So today, as small as it may be, some of us went downtown just to hang out with some of the homeless guys. We didn't bring them anything we just talked. We met a guy named Dave who pretty much told us his whole life story and there were many times I wanted to break down in tears because of all that he's gone through. One thing he said is how him and his friends although they live on the streets they are humans and so many people treat them like they aren't or that they deserve to be there and it's their fault, that is such a lie and not true. These people have real families, some have gone through more than we can imagine and have hurts and heart ache just like me and any other person. When talking to him I thought to myself, we are the ones that have this wrong and it sounds like him and his friends have it right a lot of the time.

While we were sitting there so many people walked by and gave us questionable glances or totally ignored all of us sitting there. They wouldn't look any of the men in the eye. I know its so easy to be scared, I mean I was at first, but I think just going and talking to them and letting them know there are people out there who cares showed them Jesus. I saw all these families walk by with their kids and iPods and cameras and I just don't know what to think. I don't want to become the average American family who becomes so absorbed in life and lost in my own world that I can walk past a group of homeless men and not even take a second glance, or think twice about it.

My heart and mind are kinda confused right now because I'm not sure what to think. I don't even know if what I wrote makes sense. I just know that God has called me not to be ordinary, but extraordinary. I know that my heart breaks when I walk or drive around the city and I wish I could change the world some how. I know Jesus hung out with the lowest of lows and the undesirable people. And I know that I want to be like Jesus, whatever that looks like. So I'm on the journey of trying to follow what he has in mind for me and live every second for Him.