Just a lump of clay

So this is my first blog. It seems to be the trend these days and ya know it's a place where you can just get your thoughts out and let others know what's going on in your life. I doubt anyone will read this, but who knows I don't really care. :) I just enjoy reading other people's so I wanted to start one. It might sound stupid but when I made it up I was like man I need to think of a cool title. I thought about this upcoming year and how my goal is to become more and more the person God wants me to be. I want to be molded into a woman after his own heart, hence the name of the blog, just a lump of clay. Because that is all I am. I am a lump of clay in God's hands. He can do whatever he wants with me and I want him to. I want him to mold me and shape me into what he wants me to become. He has control. So that's my new motto in life...I'm just a lump of clay. I don't have the control, but God does and by all means...that's quite all right with me! :)