I've got nothing.

I haven't posted in awhile because I really haven't had much to say. I was catching up with a friend last night and he asked how life was. My response basically came out as, "It's good. I mean it's not really good or bad or great or awful. At the moment it just is. I'm keeping really busy and it just keeps on going."

I wouldn't necessarily say I'm in a funk, but there's just nothing going on. It's a moment in my life when if someone asks whats new there really isn't anything. I feel like I've been surrounded lately by lots of things going on in the people's lives around me, but nothing in my own. At times I get a little antsy for something exciting to happen so that when a friend calls to catch up I can say, "Actually there's this guy...or actually I'm going on this great vacation...or actually I have this crazy story..." But, I've got nothing.

This bothers me sometimes, but I'm trying to just enjoy the moment and the peacefulness of my calm mundane life at the moment (however, I do genuinely like my life no matter how boring it may seem). The non excitement of my own life is allowing me to better enjoy the excitement of others. haha

Since a blog post is boring without a few pictures...meet Maggie. She is the excitement in my friends Jenny and Patrick's life lately. She is the most precious baby and I love holding her...just my love and excitement for a friend's baby makes me think I'm going to be a mess when I'm an aunt some day!

One exciting thing that did happen was my Florida vacation with my family. I was so thankful for time we could all be together and it was tons of fun. That for sure didn't make me want to come back to my mundane life. :)