Despair in my soul...

I feel like so many bad things are happening. With all the shootings going on around the world, people I know that are sick, or have passed away and the constant issues of how our world sucks sometimes and I just want to make it better. It just all weighs down on me a whole lot and lately I feel like I've been hearing a lot of bad news and I just can't get over all this "bad stuff" that is happening. I mean I hear about another school shooting, my dad's friend from school passing away, my friend's dad is in the hospital and the list could go on...I don't want to be "Debbie Downer" or depressing but all this has been weighing on me and I feel like every second I just can't help but think about everyone that needs prayer and praying for them. Well...I was reading My Utmost for his Highest today during my devos and something that was said really hit the nail on the head with this subject.

"If a burden and its resulting pressure come upon us while we are not in an attitude of worship, it will only produce a hardness toward God and despair in our own souls."

My attitude hasn't been right the last week or so. I have become so burdened and overwhelmed by these things and I need to stop worrying about them. It is bringing despair to my soul and I wouldn't say a hardness toward God, but I can see how it would become that way. I just wish I could fix everyones problems and I hate knowing people are sad and I want to do something for it. So...I'm working on trust and interceding on the behalf of these people through prayer and doing what I can, which in most cases is prayer. And I've realized that I need to leave it at that. I can only do so much and I need to trust that God is in control and will take care of everyone because He loves them so much more than I do.