Baby Girls Club

Every Wenesday I volunteer at a program called Baby Girls Club. My friend Jordan asked me to come with her and my first thought was, "I am not good with kids at all so I don' t think it would be a good idea" but wanting to be involved and stretch myself this year I decided to do it, and it has turned into what I look forward to the most each week.
Baby Girls Club is an after school program that Nicole C. Mullen started and runs each week. It is for underprivelaged girls to come and have a safe environment where they are fed, loved, and helped with homework. There also are some girls from the church that still have tons of fun, but aren't quite "at risk".
I was really hesitant to go the first week because I don't have much experience with kids and I wasn't sure what I was getting myself into, but I'm so glad I went. Each week there is another girl to love on, another girl who needs help, and another girl who makes me laugh. I went into this having the mindset that I can be an example to these girls and be a blessing to them, when in reality they are the one's blessing me and teaching me so many things! It turns out that I'm really not bad with kids and I can deal wiht them, it just takes some practice and patience at times. :)
These little girls are amazing! I never knew I could learn so much from them and they could bring so much joy to my life. Although some of them ask me if I listen to "black people music" and get mad at me for not being able to pronounce their names (some of them have some obscure names!) but they always have a smile to share, a hand to hold, and love to give. It makes their day when I sit by them, tell them they have a pretty name, or that they're really smart at math. I love that I can make such a big difference in their life and they make one in mine even if they don't know it.
Today we were working on their calendars that they are making and we are on January and some of the girls found out my birthday was in January. One of the little girls said, "Ms. Abby will you write your birthday on here for me." And I responded, "Donnitta why do you want my birthday on there?" She looked at me like I was so weird and said, "Because you're my friend!!"
It just touched my heart so much and almost made me cry! :) She is so trusting and loving and called me her friend.
And then later on before we left we were praying for Nicole because her grandfather passed away and we said the girls could pray. All these 6-10 year olds praying out loud for comfort for Nicoles family and peace was so amazing. When an adult closed in prayer the little 8 year old girl sitting next to me poked me and said, "I didn't get to pray!" And she was so sad and sorry that she wasn't able to pray for Ms. Nicole. I told her it was okay and she could pray in her heart and Ms. Nicole would know her prayers were with her, she smiled and said ok!
These girls are such a blessing to my life and I don't know what I would do if I ever had to stop going to Baby Girl's Club. God is using all of these little girl's and this opportunity to stretch me and teach me many new things. Through every smile, laugh, hug, and even attitude at times, they bless my heart and make me love them and want to be involed in their life and show the love of Jesus to them!