29 Things

It's time for one of my favorite things of the year! I've always thought of this post as a digital scrapbook of my life and it's been fun to hear others mention to me that they like to see it too. I'm especially excited about this birthday because I turn 30!

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I know some people dread this birthday, but I'm excited about it. I think getting older is a beautiful thing that brings more and more wisdom to your life. And I hear your 30's are pretty great, so I'm looking forward to it!

Throughout the year I keep a list of things I want to remember about that year of life and since the list keeps getting longer here it is...29 things from my 29th year of life:

1. So many babies. Are we surprised this is my #1? My two nieces were born this year, Opal Kay and Natalie Grace, we officially added three nephews when my sister got married, and then a couple friends who are pretty much family had babies too. So basically I became an auntie like 8 times over this year and I love every second of it.


2. I was on a podcast!! This was a dream come true. I'm hoping that there's more of these in my future. I was on the Our Daily Rest podcast talking about self-care and the Enneagram. You can listen to it here.

3. The Skimm. Do you read this? If you don't you should and here's a link to sign up for it. You're welcome. It's a daily email that skims the news and helps you stay informed, but not overwhelmed.

4. I renewed my passport in January just because it was going to expire and a couple weeks later I get a call and was asked...do you have a passport? I was offered the chance to lead a trip of Trevecca students to Croatia. It was one of my favorite parts of the year! I met beautiful people and spent time in a beautiful country. It's a trip that will forever stay with me.


5. At any given time this year I was working 3-5 jobs. Life of an entrepreneur/new business owner  I guess. It can be overwhelming at times, but I actually really like it. Every day is different and I love the flexibility.

6. Because I decided giving books, movies, podcasts and TV shows each their own point was excessive. Here's just a quick list of some of the favorites I watched, read and listened to:

  • Movie: Wonder Woman, The Greatest Showman and Moana. 
  • TV: Super Girl, Hart of Dixie and This is Us.
  • Podcasts: The Liturgists, Typology and The Enneagram Journey
  • Books: Born a Crime, Praying the Psalms and The Gender War Series

7. It was my first full year of running Abby Buter Coaching. Some days I thought I would quit, other days I felt like I was living my best life, most days I realized I had no idea what I was doing, but did it anyway. After every coaching call, retreat or workshop I felt so good and knew that this is what I was made for. Also, apparently I talk with my hands a lot.


8. I highly recommend everyone join a therapy group on shame. Ask me how I know. 

9. I've reverted to childhood and eat peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for lunch probably way too often.

10. I tried to be better at stopping to celebrate! It can be easy to charge ahead and forget to acknowledge the good things that have happened. A lot of really great things happened this year and I don't want forget that. After something great happens to celebrate I listen to this song

11. I SAW HAMILTON. Like in real life...I was in the freaking room where it happened. It was magical, beautiful, emotional, amazing, really any adjective that describes how amazingly surreal and incredible something can be. 

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12. I make rice a lot because curry...but every time I make it, it really doesn't turn out. It never soaks up all the water. I know this should be easy, but it's not. Uncle Ben's instant rice to the rescue.

13. I started staying with an elderly woman every once in awhile. It's one of my favorite things. Not just because she reminds me of when I lived with my own grandma who I miss a lot, but because she's so fun and loving. We eat dinner and watch NCIS, Blue Bloods, Golden Girls...basically all the TV shows.

14. Jenn and I started using Shipt. We grocery shop from our couch. It's wonderful.

15. I went to the Women's March in Washington DC. Sometimes I forget I did this because we literally drove through the night Friday, marched Saturday, woke up early Sunday and drove back. It was worth it though. Experiencing history was extraordinary.


16. I realized I'm really disconnected to my body. Sarah Bessey wrote a blog about this very thing and I cried reading it because she articulated what I've been trying to write down and say for months now. You can read it here. I still have a lot to work through and process, but my connection with my body is something I am being intentional about this year. 

17. Bullet journal. Do you know about this? I avoided it for awhile because it seemed overwhelming, but then I decided I'll do what I want and took what I liked and left the rest. I'm pretty sure what I ended up with isn't really bullet journaling, but whatever, I do what I want.

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18. I made an effort to drink lots of water every day. I feel so much better. You should try it.

19. I got better at recognizing my natural rhythms. I can be super productive from 9pm-11pm and I work better in spurts than long stretches. I also went through a two month span of traveling a lot and realized I need some good time at home between trips.  

20. I went to a Michigan State basketball game with my brother. It was great to see them play live and it was the catalyst for one of my goals this year - watch more MSU basketball.

21.  Two of my favorite people got married, my sister and my friend, Hannah. Both weddings and the festivities leading up to it were so much fun!

22. I went to Harry Potter world and on a cruise to the Bahamas!! Three of my beautiful friends joined me to celebrate my 30th birthday. We started our trip at HP world and it was magical and then went on a 4 day cruise. It was fun, relaxing, beautiful and such a great time!


23. I was on two book launch teams - Shalom Sistas and Where the Light Falls. It's always fun to read books in advance and promote them. I recommend both of these!

24. I've loved the Enneagram more and more. I've loved coaching it and teaching with the Enneagram. I've also been doing my own work with it and growing a lot. It's such a powerful tool for transformation. I also started the Backyard Series (which there's an online version, sign up here!) and it was so fun to host!

25. I found my theme song for 30. Listen to it and try not to love it. Also, go see this movie! 

26. I joined Planet Fitness and people watching is my favorite thing. I've seen some pretty intense dance moves while on the treadmill and a full-on singing performance including kicks on the stairclimber.

27. I loved Harry Styles new music. Yes, he's from One Direction. No, I'm not categorizing this as a guilty pleasure. Yes, I did decide he gets his own space on my list. It's that good.

28. If you ever wondered if it was possible to binge watch YouTube videos...it is. Because can you really get enough of carpool karaoke, One Direction songs or Hamilton clips? Asking for a friend.

29. I am filled with so much gratitude. I've implemented an intentional practice of gratitude this year and it's a game changer. It makes me feel better, it grounds me, it helps me stay present. There's really no reason not to integrate a gratitude practice into your life!

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My 29th year was one of finding my footing, of settling into this idea of having a business and figuring lots of things out. I'm looking forward to year 30 and building on what I've established. My word for 2018 is abundance and I'm excited about all that is to come in my 30th year of life!